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Unfortunately we are unable to process online donations at this time. Please check back frequently as there are volunteers working to set this up in the near Future because donations are necessary for the following projects:

  • Agriculture – Expanding and diversifying the agricultural production and building the infrastructure to process the coffee in the community.
  • Healthcare - Developing the health post in terms of medical supplies and equipment and developing the elaboration of natural medicine in the community.
  • Education – Building a proper primary school for the children. One block costs 4Q (0.50 USD) and 2000 blocks are needed to build the whole school.
  • Ecotourism – Reparation of the Casa Grande to provide better accommodation for visitors. Approximated cost: 1,025,000.00Q ($128,000.00 USD)
  • Women – Providing the women with opportunities for trainings and personal development.
  • Youth – Helping the youth to start their own project so that they can have more opportunities in terms of education and work.

One of the biggest dreams of the community as a whole is a project known by the name Vivienda Digna, which aims at building a house for each family providing them with decent living conditions and a dignified life. This is a major project, for which the community is at the present seeking financial support.

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Fundraising Projects

Thanks to a dedicated group of volunteers, not one but two crowd funding accounts were created to raise funds that would help repair the damages from the November earthquake and minimize the impact to their business. Within 2 months, both projects had ended and exceeded their goals! In the end, over $11,000 USD was raised.

A list of donors can be seen here: Donors

We would like to sincerely thank all of the project supporters. Your donation is going directly to the Finca where it will have a lasting impact. Updates on how the repairs are going will hopefully be up soon.


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