Finca La Florida

Making You Feel Welcome

Visiting La Florida is a unique adventure that you will remember for the rest of your life. The campesino experience is a simple way of life but there are many services available to our guests to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. The following is a list of frequently asked questions which will help you to plan your trip and prepare for the journey of a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of transportation is available?

    Due to the remote location of the community, the Ecotourism Project offers transportation services with the Community pick-up to and from Colomba and some of the major cities in the area.

  • I’m arriving by public transit. Can someone come and meet me?

    Yes. If you choose to use the public transport, but would like some company, for 55Q a community member will personally accompany you to/from Colomba. A community member can also meet you at the Entrada al Paraíso (10Q), from there, it is a 45min walk to La Florida.

  • Is there internet access?

    There is no internet access in the community. The closest internet café is found in Colomba, about 1.5 hours from La Florida.

  • Is there cell phone reception?

    Cell phone reception is limited but available. We recommend reserving calls and data service for emergencies or infrequent communication.

  • Is there a phone I can use in the community?

    For phone calls the Ecotourism Project sells prepaid cards and rents their phone for the price of 1Q/min to make a call and 0.50Q/min to receive one.

  • Is there electricity?

    The community does have a hydroelectric generator which provides electricity. Therefore, when there is water there is electricity. During the rainy season (May-October) there is enough water to provide electricity 24hrs/day. During the dry season, (November-April) however, there is only enough water for electricity during the evening. It is best not to rely on electrical outlets to charge portable devices.

  • Are there private bathrooms?

    Yes. The Casa Grande is equipped with men’s and women’s restrooms with running water and showers.

  • How does one do Laundry?

    There is a basin for washing your clothes in the Casa Grande, but once you get tired of scrubbing, the women of the village offer you their Laundry Service for 15Q-30Q. The Service is run by the widows and single women in the Community, from whom the additional income extremely welcome.

  • What is the weather like in La Florida?

    The weather in La Florida is a mix of heat from the coast and the cold of the highlands. The dry season lasts from November to April and the rainy season from May to October. Even in the rainy season it rains mostly in the afternoons, while the mornings tend to be sunny. The weather is in general hot and humid, though it’s recommendable to bring warmer clothes for the night. It is also a good idea to bring along some insect repellent and your own mosquito net, if you want one!

  • Are there private bathrooms?

    Yes. The Casa Grande is equipped with men’s and women’s restrooms with running water and showers.

  • Should I bring anything specific for volunteering?

    If you are planning to volunteer on the communal plantations, you should bring boots or comfortable shoes for working and gloves. Tools are supplied by the community.

  • Where can I purchase supplies?

    There are a couple of small shops in the community, where you can buy snacks, some food supplies and for example soap. Pick-ups leave daily from the Entrada al Paraíso (45min walk) to the closest town Colomba, where you can find basic necessities, but beware that the selection is limited.

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Accommodation and Meals


Both visitors and volunteers live the large Casa Grande, the home of the former landowner. The over 100-year old house is rustic, but definitely not without charm! You may choose to live in a dorm or a private bedroom.

  • Visitors: 55Q/night
  • Volunteers: 35Q/night
  • Private bedroom: + 20Q/night
Eating with the families

Eating with the local families you will get to truly know the community. In their homes you will share their meals as well as their experience, while practicing your Spanish skills. The families are well accustomed to visitors, and for example vegetarian food is easily available. The food consists of typical local dishes and the women take pride in using the natural resources grown in the Community. For the families preparing meals for visitors is an important additional income.

  • Breakfast: 15Q/person/meal
  • Lunch: 15Q/person/meal
  • Dinner: 15Q/person/meal
Group Menus

For groups of 8 or more, the Ecotourism Project offers the option of a Group Menu. The group can choose their personal menu from a list of dishes available. The food will be prepared in the Community Kitchen in the Casa Grande by the women from the village.

  • Breakfast: 18Q/person/meal
  • Lunch: 25Q/person/meal
  • Dinner: 18Q/person/meal
  • Refreshments: 7Q/person/meal
Cooking your own meals

Visiting La Florida, you have the option to cook your own meals. The Community Kitchen is at your use, and kitchen utilities can be rented for 5Q a day. Some basic food supplies can be found in the community; however, it is recommendable to make most of your shopping in the closest town of Colomba.

  • Price: 5Q/day


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