Finca La Florida

Our Values

The collective values of the community are based on the values and principles of SCIDECO, the legal entity presenting the community of La Florida, dedicated to the improvement of campesino lives in the area of Colomba Costa Cuca.

  • Respect - towards the dignity of individuals and decisions they make through competent organization. Not making unfounded alligations, nor denigrating individuals with rumours. Encouraging the active participation of women, boys and girls.
  • Transparency - is required in the planning, budget estimates and results, performance, and execution of projects. Carrying out a system of monitoring and evaluation, a reliable system of internal and external auditing maintains a process of accountability.
  • Living Together - in peace with one’s surroundings in order to create opportunities for development.
  • Trust - based on the certainty that the rights and obligations of each member of SCIDECO will benefit them in short, medium and long term, and that the collective decisions will be respected.
  • Responsibility - Fulfilling with one’s obligations and commitments as a member of the organization, father, mother, son and daughter.
  • Equality - Providing equal opportunities for all, regardless of ethnic background, gender or age.
  • Honesty - Acting with sincerity, truth, accuracy, austerity, and conscience in all one’s deeds as a member or leader.
  • Dicipline - Fulfilling punctually with the obligations, commitments, deeds and actions, which one has been entrusted with.
  • Efficiency - Performing one’s tasks in the minimal time and cost.
  • Effectivness - Performing one’s tasks in the anticipated time and cost.
  • Solidarity - Becoming one single entity and identity as a community, with sacrifice good will, and compassion. It is also important to support other groups in their struggle for the land, thus strengthening the campesino movement.
  • Participation - Allowing difference of opinion and constructive criticism.
  • Freedom - of an individual to decide for himself whether or not to be a part of collective decisions.
  • Spiritual Values - Cultivating and respecting values such as love and Faith in God.
  • Patience - All activities, plans and results have their time, there is no need to feel in despair. However, one must monitor and evaluate one’s actions continuously.
  • Valuing the Human Life and the Struggle for the Land - Recognizing that we as farmers and workers have needs as human beings, for which we fight in order to develop and move forward.

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The community of La Florida consists of 40 families, most of who moved to the area during the occupation of land in 2002. Many of the families are in some way related to each other, forming a tight network of relatives and in-laws. The average number of children in a family ranges from three to eight and the households are often made of three generations.
All members of La Florida work together according to the collective principles of the community. The people start their days on the communal plantations, and cultivate their own half-acres during the afternoons and weekends. The work is hard and tiring, and the income is often insufficient to provide for the growing families. The people live in very basic conditions, although the finca provides them with the luxuries of running water and electricity during the rainy season.
The level of education in the community is low. Most of the children attend the primary school, but the youth is unfortunately unable to continue their education in La Florida. Many of the adults only learned to read and write during the occupation of land, and some are still illiterate.
As most of Guatemala, La Florida is a devoted Catholic community, and there is a small church in the village. However, many of the people are of Mayan origin and there also exists respect for traditional beliefs.


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