Finca La Florida

Come for a Visit

As a visitor, you have the possibility to enjoy the tranquillity of the community and the beauty of the surrounding nature. The community offers five different guided tours with activities. Also available are for example Guatemalan cooking classes! All tours and activities are held in Spanish and include a brief introduction to the community.

To get a real feel of the campesino life, visitors can also participate in the various projects and the collective work in the community if they wish. Help is always needed. Please see the Volunteer opportunities for more details on the work in La Florida.



The history tour will introduce you the amazing history of the community and the Finca La Florida. The tour consists of a presentation and a walk around the community premises. You will hear about the over 20-year struggle for land, the occupation and the final steps that lead to the people of La Florida to win the ownership of the finca.

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Price/person: 30Q

The Coffee tour takes you through the process of producing organic coffee in a collective community. You will visit the plantations and see the journey of the coffee beans from the tree to patio, where it’s further processed. The tour lasts approximately 3 hours and ends with a cup of Fair Trade coffee from La Florida.

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Price/person: 50Q

In the Chocolate tour, you will adventure all the way to the chocolate plantations and hear about the intriguing history of this delicious product… Did you know that chocolate beans were used as money by the Maya? The tour lasts approximately five hours in total, and ends with making your own chocolate from the beans you picked yourself!

  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Price/person: 70Q

Wondering under the beautiful macadamia trees, you will hear about the different species of macadamia, their qualities and the cultivation of macadamia in La Florida. To get a taste of the product, you will get to pick your own macadamia and try it out at the end of the tour! Not quite what you buy in the shops.

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Price/person: 30Q
Nature and natural medicine

In the Nature and natural medicine tour, you will learn about the amazing biodiversity of La Florida. You will be introduced to the different trees, flowers and plants that grow in the surroundings of the community, as well as the different uses of them. Next time you suffer from a stomachache, you know the plant to look for. After the walk you are in for a relaxing cup of herbal tea.

  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Price/person: 60Q


Guatemalan Cooking Classes

Ever wondered how the señoras manage to make their tortillas so round? In the Guatemalan cooking classes the women of the village will teach you the secrets of round tortillas as well as herbs and other natural resources found in the community to make some delicious, local dishes. The cooking class lasts approximately 2-3 hours, depending on the food you wish to make.

  • Duration: 2-3 hours
  • Price/person: 30Q
Make Your Own Chocolate

If you don’t have the time or energy for the complete tour on chocolate, you can choose the easy way of getting your mouth to water… Making your own chocolate will last approximately 3 hours, and includes all the materials and an introduction to the history and qualities of the treat. Delicious!

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Price/person: 40Q


Community Truck

Due to the remote location of the community, the Ecotourism Project offers transportation services with the Community pick-up to and from Colomba and some of the major cities in the area.

    Prices to/from:
  • Colomba: 150Q (6am-6pm) or 200Q (6pm-6am)
  • Coatepeque: 225Q (6am-6pm) or 350Q (6pm-6am)
  • Retalhuleu: 400Q
  • Quetzaltenango: 600Q

Accommodation and Meals


Both visitors and volunteers live the large Casa Grande, the home of the former landowner. The over 100-year old house is rustic, but definitely not without charm! You may choose to live in a dorm or a private bedroom.

  • Visitors: 55Q/night
  • Volunteers: 35Q/night
  • Private bedroom: + 20Q/night
Eating with the families

Eating with the local families you will get to truly know the community. In their homes you will share their meals as well as their experience, while practicing your Spanish skills. The families are well accustomed to visitors, and for example vegetarian food is easily available. The food consists of typical local dishes and the women take pride in using the natural resources grown in the Community. For the families preparing meals for visitors is an important additional income.

  • Breakfast: 15Q/person/meal
  • Lunch: 15Q/person/meal
  • Dinner: 15Q/person/meal
Group Menus

For groups of 8 or more, the Ecotourism Project offers the option of a Group Menu. The group can choose their personal menu from a list of dishes available. The food will be prepared in the Community Kitchen in the Casa Grande by the women from the village.

  • Breakfast: 18Q/person/meal
  • Lunch: 25Q/person/meal
  • Dinner: 18Q/person/meal
  • Refreshments: 7Q/person/meal
Cooking your own meals

Visiting La Florida, you have the option to cook your own meals. The Community Kitchen is at your use, and kitchen utilities can be rented for 5Q a day. Some basic food supplies can be found in the community; however, it is recommendable to make most of your shopping in the closest town of Colomba.

  • Price: 5Q/day


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