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Volunteers are highly appreciated in La Florida. As a volunteer, you can get your hands dirty helping out in the fields and in the everyday work in the community, working from 8am -1pm. Help is needed in the collective plantations as well as in the various projects run in the community. The Community is also very grateful for any special skill, idea or project initiative you may wish to share with them. All volunteer work is coordinated by the Coordinator of Work in the Ecotourism Committee.

Volunteer Projects

Agriculture - Coffee
  • Harvesting coffee (Sep-Dec)
  • Processing coffee (Sep-Dec)
  • Maintenance of the coffee plantations (Jan-Feb, June-Aug)
  • Planting coffee (May-July)
  • Fertilizing the coffee (June-July)

  • Agriculture - Bananas
  • Planting banana (Jan-April)
  • Harvesting banana (monthly)
  • Maintenance of the banana plantations (all year)

  • Agriculture - Other
  • Maintenance of the chocolate plantations (March-April)
  • Collecting chocolate (March-April)
  • Maintenance of the mastic trees (March-April)
  • Collecting and shelling macadamia (all year)
  • Maintenance of the trails
  • Painting signs and murals
  • Maintenance and repairs to the Casa Grande
  • Assessment and support in marketing and administration
  • Teaching English to the Ecotourism Committee members
  • Dental workshops
  • First Aid workshops
  • Nutritional education
  • Maternity workshops
  • Reparations and maintenance of the Health Post
  • Assisting in the elaboration of natural medicine
  • Teaching English in the primary school
  • Training the local teacher to continue the process
  • Teaching English to the youth/adults
  • Teaching mathematics to the youth/adults
  • Helping in acquiring funds for the primary school
  • Organizing activities to involve the youth in the community
  • Workshops in youth leadership
  • Workshops in environmental protection
  • Workshops in gender education
  • Support the youth in developing their own project
  • Workshops on gender equality
  • Workshops on domestic violence
  • Support the women in their personal development
  • Support the women in developing their own project

Please note that the volunteer work is likely to change according to the season and the needs of the Community.

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Accommodation and Meals


Both visitors and volunteers live the large Casa Grande, the home of the former landowner. The over 100-year old house is rustic, but definitely not without charm! You may choose to live in a dorm or a private bedroom.

  • Visitors: 55Q/night
  • Volunteers: 35Q/night
  • Private bedroom: + 20Q/night
Eating with the families

Eating with the local families you will get to truly know the community. In their homes you will share their meals as well as their experience, while practicing your Spanish skills. The families are well accustomed to visitors, and for example vegetarian food is easily available. The food consists of typical local dishes and the women take pride in using the natural resources grown in the Community. For the families preparing meals for visitors is an important additional income.

  • Breakfast: 15Q/person/meal
  • Lunch: 15Q/person/meal
  • Dinner: 15Q/person/meal
Group Menus

For groups of 8 or more, the Ecotourism Project offers the option of a Group Menu. The group can choose their personal menu from a list of dishes available. The food will be prepared in the Community Kitchen in the Casa Grande by the women from the village.

  • Breakfast: 18Q/person/meal
  • Lunch: 25Q/person/meal
  • Dinner: 18Q/person/meal
  • Refreshments: 7Q/person/meal
Cooking your own meals

Visiting La Florida, you have the option to cook your own meals. The Community Kitchen is at your use, and kitchen utilities can be rented for 5Q a day. Some basic food supplies can be found in the community; however, it is recommendable to make most of your shopping in the closest town of Colomba.

  • Price: 5Q/day


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